Avv. Gianluca Abbati Bussetti


Assistance to companies in drafting and negotiating any kind of contract in the areas of commercial and industrial law.

Ongoing assistance to firms in the ordinary course of their business management and specific assistance aimed at enabling firms to carry out of any kind of commercial transaction, both at national and international level.

Assistance to companies in ensuring that their contracts are compliant with changes in national and EU law.

Drafting, updating and review of the terms and conditions (sale, purchase, services supply, bid, etc.) for national and international business transactions.

Avv. Gianluca Abbati Bussetti

Avv. Riccardo Valente

Consumer Protection

Assistance concerning the information required for product placement on the market

Assistance in relation to companies business practices

Assistance in relation to advertising practices

Assistance on contractual information to be provided to consumers

Drafting of contractual forms for consumers


Avv. Luca de Matteis

Corporate and M&A

Mergers and acquisitions

Joint Ventures

Private equity transactions

Corporate reorganizations

Shareholders and investment agreements

Innovative Start-ups

Crowdfunding operations

Ongoing corporate advice

Advice concerning Legislative Decree. 231/2001

Avv. Luca de Matteis

Real Estate

Sale and purchase of real estate portfolios, individual properties and real estate companies

Real estate transactions in the commercial and hotel industry

Real estate contracting

Rent / sale of business branches including real estate

Retail expansion

Asset Management

Rent to buy

Avv. Andrea Napolitano

Administrative Law

Extrajudicial and judicial advice and assistance in the following areas:

Public tenders for works, supplies and services

Administrative procedures to obtain concessions, licenses, authorizations

Public contests

Expropriation for public utility

Construction and urban planning

Contracts to be entered into with the public administration

Administrative procedures to obtain public and EU funding

Avv. Francesca Romana Grasso

Employment law

Handling and advising on all types and aspects of cases encountered in a specialised employment law practice

Hiring / termination of employment for executives and non-executive level employees

Drafting contracts relating to subordinated, self-employed, consultancy, accessory, free-lance relationships (advising on taking advantage of tax and social security benefits), directorship agreements, etc.

Drafting of company policies and disciplinary codes

Structuring of company welfare plans and guidance on their application

Complex transactions with directors, executives and key managers (including non-competition agreements and restrictive covenants, loyalty agreements, non-solicitation agreements)

Collective dismissals and restructurings

Union consultation and information procedures prior to business transfers, granting of social security benefits etc.

Labour issues arising from mergers and acquisitions

Handling issues arising from the internationalization of employees / managers

Social security and welfare issues

Issues related to health and safety at work

Avv. Giuseppe Zucconi Galli Fonseca

Intellectual Property and Technology

Assistance in all phases of creation, protection and commercial exploitation of intellectual properties and intangible assets of all kinds, with particular expertise in the areas of information technology and electronic communications.

Conducting negotiations in the context of national and international transactions concerning industrial and intellectual property rights.

Drafting of any agreement for the protection, transfer and in general for the exploitation of intellectual properties.

Assistance to gain access to tax reliefs related to the use of intangible assets (Patent Box).

Management of IP portfolios, including litigation.

Avv. Giuseppe Zucconi Galli Fonseca

Avv. Francesca Romana Grasso

Data Protection law

Assistance on all issues and cases related to Data Protection

Assistance on data governance and compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679

Drafting of privacy policies, information notices, contracts and designation documents between data controller, data processor and the persons acting under their authority

Assistance in drafting Data Protection Impact Assessment documents and in creating business models in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679

Avv. Francesca Romana Grasso

Avv. Luca de Matteis

Avv. Riccardo Valente


Handling of any types of corporate and commercial law disputes, including:

Disputes concerning real estate

Disputes concerning commercial contracts

Disputes relating to compensation for damages to persons and property, including those resulting from product liability

Credit recovery

Assistance in alternative dispute resolution procedures

Avv. Riccardo Valente

Insolvency and restructuring

Assistance in the various phases of business crises: support management from the moment the crisis arises through; selection of the most appropriate instruments for solving the crisis; preparation and negotiation of reorganization plans and debt restructuring agreements; assistance in all bankruptcy proceedings; negotiation of solutions in bonis.

Assistance in favor of creditors of the insolvent company and of any other parties passively involved in crisis situations: protection of credit positions and management of ongoing negotiations in the context of bankruptcy proceedings.

Assistance with the acquisition of companies, credits or assets in the context of insolvency procedures.

Assistance with proceedings commenced by insolvency bodies, with particular regard to clawback and damage actions in respect of past transactions involving the insolvent company.

Assistance to insolvency bodies.

Avv. Valerio Salce

231 – Corporate Compliance

Assistance on risk assessment activities

Advice and support on the drafting, adoption, implementation and updating of Organization, Management and Control Models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 as well as of the relevant protocols/special parts

Drafting of Code of Ethics and corporate behavior and anti-corruption policies

Drafting of policies and compliance programs (including, whistleblowing systems, anti-corruption policies and information flows)

Identification of suitable powers and delegation of authority systems

Advice and assistance for internal controls and audits, monitoring and auditing activities related to specific company processes and internal control systems

Training courses on ethics & compliance, anti-corruption and crimes covered by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 in general

Holding of offices in Supervisory Boards (both as a sole member and in board composition)

Assistance and support to Supervisory Boards